Empower Network Truth: 2 Years in 10 Minutes

Empower Network has been a true game changer in the fashion of pioneering an entire internet marketing movement over the past 2 years to-date.

Above we have prepared a special video related to our Empower Network events, travels, and lifestyle.

While we may refer to this as our vacation lifestyle, our results shown and revealed within this business required hard work, dedication, and consistency of what we were ultimately trying to achieve and accomplish; personal and team success.

That is where the Empower Network difference has distinguished itself the most.

Having witnessed and experienced the same trial and tribulations we encountered, Dave and Dave came together and asked one simple question;

“How do we build the richest, most empowered network of entrepreneurs in the world?”

And because this question was thoroughly researched and analyzed, Empower Network was able to successfully patch and gap any holes by building bridges capable of helping people by the truck load obtain their desired results for the first time ever.

That is to say, please look both ways safely before crossing but know there is a “world behind the world” working on the Empower Network scene and design that is putting all of the favorable outcomes in your favor.

Is Empower Network’s momentum, growth, and vision a divine course of action and sustainable business plan?

The Empower Network 2 year video review was made to show you brief glimpse of what we have been able to do ever since making the simple decision to get totally invested into their mission, leadership group, and business model.

Ever since I got started making money on the internet back in February 2006, I knew the money was in the SYSTEM because it could help duplicate and replicate similar results.

The Empower Network difference is predicated on their ability to innovate and execute a focused game plan that concentrates on simplicity of use and functionality that saves you time, energy, and money.

The two most important items of discussion we repetitively ask of you is to 1) get around the right people and 2) act on the right information.

Incorporating, implementing and applying these two high probability methods of operation into your business building activities will radically and dramatically shift the way in which you go about building an online business while having an enjoyable lifestyle.

As mentioned in the video, when I first got started I was all over the place, program hopping to the next big thing hoping to “be at the right place at the right time” not knowing that is always the here and now and what ultimately changed everything for me was finding the right trainers, coaches, and mentors to follow and learn from.

Only then, could I develop and design a business worth having and a life worth living. Jumping from business to business, opportunity to opportunity was not only tiresome, but costly and unproductive.

We wanted something that we could count on against the sands of time. An ever-lasting home business opportunity that would reflect our realistic effort being put into the system.

Having gone through the thick and thin, true and untrue regarding Empower Network from their earliest days back in October 2011, one thing is for certain as we have been to every major event and special event we could possibly get to:

Their vision includes you and me. Their mission includes us and the next entrepreneurial enthusiast searching and seeking a way to make ends meet by providing sincere value and leadership to those who see a way out.

Because Empower Network’s flagship product line is “how to blog” and make money doing it how you want, with what you want, with who you want – that is where we draw the line in the sand and want to actively engage and interact with you as team leaders and builders.

We’ve been privileged and honored enough to get around the likes of all the top income earners and producers this company has from its inception. Having approached these opportunities like a dry sponge, we have picked up on high quality information on how to best help our team win.

Think of it as we have the magic recipe or the “How to Win with Empower Network Script”

Having made it this far along in the reading of this contextual elaboration of biased-Empower Network information, I can assume you have 1 grand thing going for you;

You have this desire, this passion, this knowing that you can be great. That your natural talents, skill-sets, and gifts are yet to be fully maximized.

All you need. Is to take the first step in the right direction. Following the right people down the right path can greatly accelerate your chances of success.

Stacking the odds in your favor to give yourself a favorable impact is one of the best things you can do in order to successfully build this Empower Network business like we have.

Being consistent in our actions and persistent with our message have been the two greatest attributes we have applied into this ever-evolving opportunity.

To leverage Empower Network’s system like we have been doing and will continue to do so, you need to have a moment of truth with your Self and decide what is it you want to be known for.

For us, we wanted to be known and associated with greatness, abundance, transformation, transcendence, prosperity, empowerment, enlightenment etc

And because we have attended every Empower event since, we have gained so much value from so many people and are now living the dream lifestyle empowering others just like you for a living!

Empower Network online is great, but the value out of 90 day event cycles are pure priceless.

Empower Network Event Schedule:

  • November 25, 2011 joined Empower Network
  • June, 2012 first Atlanta, GA event (1,200 people)
  • August 2012 traveled down to Costa Rica + Leaders (Masters Course making)
  • September 2012 San Diego, CA event (3,000 people)
  • December 2012 Medellin, Colombia (private mastermind)
  • January 2013 Austin, TX (4,000 people)
  • April 2013 Chicago, IL (5,000 people) + Team Mastermind
  • June 2013 Miami, FL (150) Dave and Dave Private Team Mastermind
  • June 2013 Honolulu + Mali Hawaii with Empower Generated Commissions
  • July 2013 Denver, CO (6,000 people) + 2 Day Prosperity Team Mastermind
  • October 2013 Anaheim, CA (1,500 people regional) Spoke on Stage first time
  • November 2013 3 Weeks Thailand (Empower Leaders) (where video is made from)
  • January 2014 Miami (7,000 Expected people!) (hope to meet you there)

In closing, Empower Network has been one of our biggest aspirations moving into the future of empowering individuals who are willing and open to start thinking outside of the box, getting out of their comfort zone, and moving in a direction that will forever help guide you along a path of success.

We have reviewed, used, and recommended all of Empower Network’s products and training courses.

From the viral blogging system to the inner circle membership, to all of the  advanced coaching and how-to marketing knowledge (Costa Rica Intensive, 15k Formula, Masters Course) – this is a world class business opportunity combined with genuine trendsetters who believe in empowering others and making things happen now rather than later.

Get in touch with us for more information on how you can join our Empower Team and take advantage of highly successful, motivated, and inspired individuals who want to make your goals real outcomes.

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