Are You Under Cyber Attack ?

What does cyber means ? The word cyber means related to Computer Technology. Cyber Space is a concept of interconnected digital technologies spread all over the world.

In a world with proliferating technology, also rise attackers, spammers with opportunities to misconduct, and steal. And it becomes overwhelming for a common person to be aware and protect themselves from such activities.

How does virus get In?

There are several vulnerability, which can be exploited by the attacker to enter your device. One of the most common is by downloading software, games, video, audio, pirated files or document from the internet, phishing, spam emails with attachments, clicking links, connecting to another infected device.

How to know If your Computer is affected ?

  1. Slow Computer
  2. Time to Time pop ups
  3. Frequent System Crashes
  4. Malfunctioning Firewall or Program
  5. New Applications installing without your consent
  6. Emails sent autonomously from your account
  7. Problems shutting down or restarting
  8. Force shutdown or restart due to unknown application in the background
  9. Your face cam automatically being turned on
  10. Unnecessary heating of your device even when your not working much on it.

Ways To Prevent Cyber Attack and Bullying

1. Install a Firewall

Firewall is a network security system that monitor and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules. It is like an authorization barrier for incoming and outgoing traffic.

Keeping your devices behind a firewall is one of the most effective ways to defend your data from any cyber attacks.

Some of the top Firewalls are :

  1. Bitdefender
  2. Avast
  3. McAfee
  4. WebRoot
  5. Norton
  6. Kaspersky

2. Stay Informed

This might be the least heard of prevention measure, but is worth it. Keeping yourself well informed with the present day news related to cyber crimes is a reasonable and economic investment. The technology is advancing fast, so are the fraudulent schemes.

In most cases of cyber crimes people unintentionally involve into such activities which only make them vulnerable to hackers.

3. Keep your system up to date

You might have seen “Patch Update” notification on your device, periodically, well, these are not OS version updates and it might get frustrating to run these updates in fast-track intervals, but do not skip, these updates are all about improving security, fixing bugs, malware, loopholes, making your device more secure than before.

To tackle new vulnerability; companies have a team of software engineers to regularly maintain and update any bugs, loopholes which might make their software, and your data vulnerable. So your device’s software requires to be up to date for it can protect your data from any possible cyber attacks.

4. WiFi Security

Open WiFi networks are an open invitation to Attackers. Hackers won’t miss this opportunity to steal your data and use it to threaten your loved ones. Even though the network might be authentic if its open it still might be used to abstract your data.

So the safest way to use the internet service would be to use your own WiFi/Hotspot device. A secure WiFi like of a hotel would be the second safest source of internet while travelling where they provide only their customers with password and have a safer WiFi connection.

Even make sure to secure your Hotspot with a password or else all the other devices conneced to the hotspot are in risk of being hijacked.

5. Avoid storing data in small space

It was after the discovery of computers that cyber crimes came into existence. Many people store enormous data in a computer space and that is one of the biggest reason for cyber attack. Storing data in small spaces makes it easier for the hacker to access it all in one place and use it for their own profit.

Hence it is advised not to store all the necessary data on a single system and instead segregate it in different places.

Passwords : Having the same password setup for everything can be dangerous. Once a hacker figures out your password, they now have access to everything in your system and any application you use.

6. Stop Neglecting

Anything that we neglect and consider easy to ignore can turn into a grave concern. Cyber crime works the same way. Negligence is ensuring the security of your system can bring you big troubles. A little negligence at your end can provide a welcoming aisle for cyber criminals. Hence it is necessary to remain vigilant to the happenings in your system.


It’s difficult to know where to begin when it comes to protecting your devices form malicious threats, when there is lots of information out there, especially when the info is conflicting. The more we move towards digitalization and technology, the more vulnerable we become to cyber crimes.

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