Nvidia Graphic Card : RTX vs GTX

Introduction GTX interpreting Giga Texel eXtreme Shader, uses Rasterisation technique for rendering graphics. In contrast to Ray Tracing, graphic rendering is accomplished by rasterisation technique where the 3D object is converted into 2D frame (from camera angle) which is then processed by shaders to determine colors, textures and lightning effects. This process is done 50Continue reading “Nvidia Graphic Card : RTX vs GTX”

Are You Under Cyber Attack ?

What does cyber means ? The word cyber means related to Computer Technology. Cyber Space is a concept of interconnected digital technologies spread all over the world. In a world with proliferating technology, also rise attackers, spammers with opportunities to misconduct, and steal. And it becomes overwhelming for a common person to be aware andContinue reading “Are You Under Cyber Attack ?”

Hyperloop and how does it work ?

Introduction If your are a tech geek you must have heard of the term “Hyperloop”, but do you know what it is ?This technology could revolutionize travelling as never before. Here, we explain Musk’s vision for travelling using ultra-fast travel pods. Concept Hyperloop is a concept developed by Space X and Tesla founder Elon MuskContinue reading “Hyperloop and how does it work ?”